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Divorce & Family Law

Reaburn Solicitors can provide assistance for a range of matters relating to Family Law and De facto relationships, including:

Marriage, De facto and Divorce Law

  • Divorce in Australia including preparing and serving divorce papers
  • Legal separation issues
  • Annulment of marriages
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Property settlements
  • Binding Financial Agreements (commonly known as Prenuptial agreements (prenups))
  • Domestic and family violence and apprehended violence orders (AVO’s or DVO’s)
  • Family Mediation
  • Legal representation in Court

Children’s Issues

  • Child support and enforcement of payments
  • Parenting plans for Children (live with and spend time with arrangements)
  • Parenting Orders
  • Parental rights, Mother’s/Father’s rights and Grandparent’s rights
  • Guardianship of Children
  • Adoption
  • Children’s Court
  • Relocation issues

Our focus in these areas is to avoid litigation (Court Proceedings) if at all possible.

Approximately 95% of Matrimonial disputes are resolved before actually reaching a final decision in Court. Of that additional 5%, approximately 50% of those are resolved before the Trial commences. Statistically therefore, the prospects of ultimately proceeding to Trial are very slim.

Despite this, should the necessity arise to proceed to a Court Hearing we have extensive experience in both preparing and conducting Trials. We have established close relationships with a number of senior Family Law Barristers. We have acted in hundreds of matters ranging from multimillion dollar property settlement trials to disputes concerning contact with Children.

The nature of Matrimonial and De facto disputes is that there is often a poor level of communication between the parties. We see our role as assisting in the communication process with the goal of reaching an appropriate, acceptable settlement.

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